Sock! and the question of “why”

Sock is a brilliant mentor of mine in leadership, management, and relationships. He recently wrote me after I sent him an example of a business proposal I’m working on. I’m posting this mostly for myself (my website, after all) to remind myself of why I do things. Sock pretty much hammers the head on this. While it’s a specific example of my “why,” I think you can derive some general principles and apply to anyone’s “why,” so maybe you’ll find it useful too.

From Sock:

“One of the things that jumped out to me regarding the proposal was the statement involving your background.  It just felt like it was qualifying that you were a Philosophy major rather than a business or entrepreneur major, when in fact I think it might be the groups strongest point.  Knowing you and the varied discussions we’ve had, I know that not just about ‘business’ but a purpose of thought behind everything you’re doing.  While there are only a few ‘businees-philosophers’ how many true philosophers actually take action based upon a cause and belief?  You represent that.  You represent that notion that was presented at the Thiel Foundation dinner, that any real world problem the solution will be found in at least two separate professions.  Your product just isn’t about a sport business product, but one centering around the philosophy of valuing human life and the quality of that life by preventive measure, maintenance and management.  From a philosophical standpoint you were compelled to rise up and meet that.  That’s something not many can actually claim.  Now indoctrinate that within an organization and why each of your were drawn together and  you truly have something incredible.  It tells an amazing story of ‘why’, not just ‘what’ you’re proposing or focusing on.

Glad to hear you’re still out there and kicking ass!”






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