Always Learning

It’s fascinating to return to an old book you’ve read, just to see how far you’ve progressed. I make a habit of circling any word I don’t know, so that when I do return to a book, I almost have a snapshot of where I was in my education.

For example, in this page from The Moral Animal by Richard Wright, which I read about 2 years ago, I circled the words “resurgent,” “implicit,” and “emanations.” All three of these words are now, more or less, a part of my normal vocabulary. I find this very motivating.






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  1. gypsydoodles Avatar

    heeey ben. i don’t know why but I can’t seem to see your posts on the stream. how are you? I was hopping through my friends’ list and discovered you were my first friend here in wordpress. Hope everything’s well on your end. =)

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