Software I’ve Shipped

I create technical solutions to complex business problems.

I have experience in web apps, data science and visualization, statistics and bioinformatics, and ecommerce applications. With professional experience in half a dozen languages, I’m a fast learner with good decision making skills. I use open source software and I contribute back to the community wherever the opportunity arises.

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Datastream is a large-scale, (semi)-structured, distributed, streaming, immutable data persistence engine. That’s a lot of buzzwords, but it allows businesses complete control over their data. Users basically dump data into Datastream and we record it in a log along with some metadata. Later, we can replay the entire history of the customers’ data, projecting it […]


In 2015, I was hired by to work on a Rails ecommerce app. I worked the entire stack, from DevOps, to database migrations, to new features and page designs. My first big task was resolving differences between a private fork of the Spree ecommerce engine and the canonical codebase, as well as upgrading to […]


Botangle is a tutoring web app written in PHP. In 2014, myself and another developer teamed up to revive a codebase that was left incomplete and overdue by an off-shore development team. We implemented: payments via user accounts video conferencing integration shared whiteboard space tutor-student matching service stylistic fixes and page design When we […]


Jour is an open source project I created.  It is the simplest possible journal, just a Python script, that integrates well with your existing UNIX workflow. Despite being so simple, it is the most popular GitHub project I’ve published. See Jour on GitHub.


An open-source website dedicated to one of my favorite historical persons, Marcus Aurelius. Random quotes from his “Meditations” are displayed, the source code is on GitHub.