After we come to mutual agreement with respect to the project scope and feature set, I will provide an estimate with the number of weeks it will take to complete the work. The number of weeks the project requires determines rate. I can provide detailed weekly summaries of the work rendered via reports and invoices. On request, I may provide retainer agreements, net 30 terms, or contingencies.


Development pricing is a flat, per-week fee. It includes all development-related activities: writing application and library code, testing, integrating with existing libraries, completing user stories, implementing features, and tooling. See “a la carte” for other activities.

  • Web Scripting: $5000/week. This includes Ruby, Python, and JavaScript, as well as any frameworks written for those languages (Rails, Django, Angular, React).
  • Functional Programming or Data Engineering: $4000/week. Haskell, Clojure, Scala, or data science stuff in Python.

A la carte

Not included in the development pricing are these a la carte options. If you require any of the below services, simply add it to the above development price.

  • On premises (San Diego area): $500/week. Usually I work remotely from my own office on my own equipment, but if you need me in the office, then you can select this option.
  • DevOps: $250/week. I’ve worked with most major DevOps tools, if you need me to setup deployment pipelines for the code I write.
  • On call: $500/week. If I’m expected to be available outside normal working hours.