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Edward Tufte keynote: “The Future of Data Analysis”

The presentation starts at 2:30. The news article is here

Bulletpoint take-aways from the end of the presentation:

  • Numbers on the screen are representations of the real world.
  • Look at the real world, not just representations.
  • Walk around what you want to learn about.
  • In doing creative work, do not start your day with addictive time-vampires such as The New York Times, email, and Twitter.
  • All scatter eye and mind, produce diverting vague anxiety, clutter short-term memory.
  • Instead begin right away with your work.
  • Many creative workers have independently discovered this principle.
  • How does what I see come to be seen by me? For what they show us is what we see. What we find is what we see. What we see is what we see. And what we see may not contain the answer.