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  • Naval

    Reading science, math, and philosophy one hour per day will likely put you at the upper echelon of human success within seven years. Naval Ravikant Of course, it’s no use reading these things if you don’t do anything with the information. This is why I write here: to integrate what I learn.

  • How do you read advanced math texts?

    How do you read advanced math texts? “Slowly.”

  • The case for computer algebra

    The case for using computer algebra Many academics and researchers get annoyed when students use computer algebra programs such as Mathematica to evaluate simple integrals that they maintain should be done by hand. The question I ask is “At what point do you expect your students to switch over to using a computer?”. Most mathematical […]

  • Comparing apples and oranges

    Comparing apples and oranges In 1995, Scott A. Sandford, a researcher at the NASA Ames Center in Mountain View, California, took up a landmark study that proves, once and for all, that one can compare apples and oranges. In fact, they’re quite similar.