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Deleuze’s “universal thought flow”

Dan Smith, On the Nature of Concepts

Deleuze has a concept called “universal thought flow” which is like a background stupidity that we all partake in during normal life.  The art of genius and intelligence is the ability to pluck good ideas out of this flow of mostly stupid thoughts that we are inundated with.

We learn nothing from those who say: ‘Do as I do.’ Our only teachers are those who tell us to ‘do with me’, and are able to emit signs to be developed in heterogeneity rather than to propose gestures for us to reproduce. In other words, there is no ideo-motivity, only sensory-motivity.
Gilles Deleuze, Difference and Repetition, page 23

From the little reading I had done I had observed that the men who were most in life, who were moulding life, who were life itself, ate little, slept little, owned little or nothing. They had no illusions about duty, or the perpetuation of their kith and kin, or the preservation of the State… The phantasmal world is the world which has never been fully conquered over. It is the world of the past, never of the future. To move forward clinging to the past is like dragging a ball and chain.
Henry Miller, Sexus pages 262, 430; as quoted in Anti-Oedipus, pages 27-8

It is the connection of desire to reality (and not it’s retreat into the forms of representation) that possesses revolutionary force.
Michel Foucault, in the preface to Anti-Oedipus