Christopher Hitchens’ Lies to Atheists

Christopher Hitchens’ Lies to Atheists

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It’s not really that he lied per se, he was just very vocal about his extremist view typical of reductionistic scientists, which is the prominent perspective embraced by the likes of the Technological Singularity movement (Dean Kaman et al), etc etc.

Reductionism fails to appreciate the power of the whole. Chaos theory and related disciplines, however, expose the fact that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.

Which basically means that, in addition to math and physics, we should appreciate art, poetry, story (narrative) & myth, the improvisational nature of hip-hop and jazz, and the emotion that goes along with all that.


Atheists, On Why They Don’t Believe In God

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A long time ago, I gave up believing in the Catholic man-in-the-sky that I was raised to believe in. I just figured, my life should be up to me, why would I need another entity to steer the course of my life?

If you ever struggle with the belief in a god or religion, then hopefully this post will help you think through some of the logic of your belief. It’s never a bad idea to challenge your own ways of thinking.

The quotes below are from this article, found via Michael Shermer. The whole piece is worth the read, but I quoted below the best parts with my emphasis.

Maryam Namazie, human rights activist

I suppose people can go through an entire lifetime without questioning God and a religion that they were born into…

But when the state sends a “Hezbollah” (the generic term for Islamist) to your school to ensure that you don’t mix with your friends who are boys, stops you from swimming, forces you to be veiled, deems males and females separate and unequal, prescribes different books for you and your girlfriends from those read by boys, denies certain fields of study to you because you are female, and starts killing in­discriminately, then you have no choice but to question, discredit and confront it – all of it.