Facebook & Video Games: An Introduction to the Narrative Fallacy

“I am a god. Level ten all alone!” My brother’s face glowed blue from the television as he completed another level in the Call of Duty minigame. The fact that most people sleep at 3 a.m. didn’t phase his concentration as he simultaneously killed zombies and trashed talked his friends. His confidence rose as he… Continue reading Facebook & Video Games: An Introduction to the Narrative Fallacy

Fluid Strategy

( Photo: Josh Liba on flickr) I was with some friends breakdancing the other night. At one point, a more experienced dancer was showing me what I was doing wrong in my six step. She is considerably shorter than me, and pointed this out by suggesting that I bend my knees to condense myself and… Continue reading Fluid Strategy

Macronutrient Fat and Body Composition

Anthony “Dream” Johnson posted some interesting thoughts on biology today. His hypothesis describes fat as the regulator of body composition. I posted my response as a comment, but thought I’d chronicle it here as well. First, the highlights from Anthony’s post: …As the title suggests, my working hypothesis is this: fat intake is the defining factor… Continue reading Macronutrient Fat and Body Composition

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