• Facebook & Video Games: An Introduction to the Narrative Fallacy

    “I am a god. Level ten all alone!” My brother’s face glowed blue from the television as he completed another level in the Call of Duty minigame. The fact that most people sleep at 3 a.m. didn’t phase his concentration as he simultaneously killed zombies and trashed talked his friends. His confidence rose as he […]

  • Fluid Strategy

    ( Photo: Josh Liba on flickr) I was with some friends breakdancing the other night. At one point, a more experienced dancer was showing me what I was doing wrong in my six step. She is considerably shorter than me, and pointed this out by suggesting that I bend my knees to condense myself and […]

  • Macronutrient Fat and Body Composition

    Anthony “Dream” Johnson posted some interesting thoughts on biology today. His hypothesis describes fat as the regulator of body composition. I posted my response as a comment, but thought I’d chronicle it here as well. First, the highlights from Anthony’s post: …As the title suggests, my working hypothesis is this: fat intake is the defining factor […]