Kamikaze 2.0

Random thought: Battleships in the coming years will become obsolete, like horses were in the age of the tank. Namely, thousands of drones being controlled by an AI can neutralize a battleship and are way cheaper. Imagine 500 tiny drones carrying a payload and ‘sacrificing’ themselves. How can a battleship defend against that? @joaoeira Kamikaze […]

Why Synthetic Protein Research Needs More Funding

From David Baker on Nautilus: Even more remarkably, nature seems to have made use of only a tiny fraction of the potential protein structures available—and there are many. Therein lies an amazing set of opportunities to design novel proteins with unique structures: synthetic proteins that do not occur in nature, but are made from the […]

How much the culture of learning has changed

The bestselling novel of 1961 was Allen Drury’s Advise and Consent. Millions of people read this 690-page political novel. In 2016, the big sellers were coloring books. Fifteen years ago, cable channels like TLC (the “L” stood for Learning), Bravo and the History Channel (the “History” stood for History) promised to add texture and information […]