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  • SQL Database Design with Yesod and Persistent

    If you’ve ever designed a database from scratch, or worked with a database migrations, then you know how important it is to get the data schema right the first time. If you get them wrong, then when you (inevitably) have to fix it, you must do a major overhaul of your code just to fit […]

  • Interview with McKenzie Wark of *A Hacker Manifesto*

    Courting Vectoralists: An Interview with McKenzie Wark on the 10 Year Anniversary of “A Hacker Manifesto” – Los Angeles Review of Books

  • The Merge by Sam Altman

    The Merge by Sam Altman The incorrect assumption here is that humans and technology were ever separate to begin with. Tech is an extension of human cognition and intelligence, not some external reality that is independent of humans. The only thing changing is the mode in which we interface with the tech.

  • Haskell is just a DSL for category theory.

    Haskell is just a DSL for category theory.

  • DFTM: Don’t Fear the Manual

    Instead of RTFM (Read The F***ing Manual) prefer the acronym DFTM (Don’t Fear The Manual). It’s nicer, and it has a theme song.

  • Recursion

    A recursive definition: an example. @CutTheKnotMath

  • Ship it

    The best software developers I know are the least sure of the code they have touched. The worst judge others for not having their arrogance. @SusanPotter Still others know that shipping working code on time is better than an intellectual exercise in moral judgement.

  • Machine learning theory is lagging behind

    We’re in a very empirical era in machine learning…but theory is lagging behind. – Michael Jordan @davidandrzej Because computer scientists don’t study psychoanalysis or philosophy. A good place to start is Hubert Dreyfus. Next try Spinoza, Lacan, Foucault, Deleuze and Berkeley. What you’ll learn is that the intelligent world is explainable by interpretation, in the […]

  • Haskell vs Clojure

    Experience report on Haskell vs Clojure

  • Mark Tarver on the Google memo

    On the Google memo, Mark Tarver is sober and logical as usual