We’re in a very empirical era in machine learning…but theory is lagging behind. – Michael Jordan


Because computer scientists don’t study psychoanalysis or philosophy. A good place to start is Hubert Dreyfus. Next try Spinoza, Lacan, Foucault, Deleuze and Berkeley. What you’ll learn is that the intelligent world is explainable by interpretation, in the psychoanalytic sense. Then you realize that Turing’s imitation game is a mathematical description of this same concept of interpretation. This changes the way to look at computers, and the way to look at your own ability to think.

To regain your sanity, read Levinas.

Kamikaze 2.0

Random thought: Battleships in the coming years will become obsolete, like horses were in the age of the tank. Namely, thousands of drones being controlled by an AI can neutralize a battleship and are way cheaper. Imagine 500 tiny drones carrying a payload and ‘sacrificing’ themselves. How can a battleship defend against that? @joaoeira Kamikaze… Continue reading Kamikaze 2.0

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