Month: April 2011

  • Case Study: Two Leaders, One Strategy, Centuries Apart

    The Colloseum in Rome, Italy. (Photo: jonrawlinson on flickr) Gods, epic myths, heroes, and damsels in distress. The history of ancient times fascinates me. Below is one of my favorite stories from Greek history. The story of Xenophon’s mission to return 10,000 Greek mercenaries to their homeland. And for entertainment’s sake—and to display a fantastic […]

  • I think Russell Brand is my new celebrity hero.

    I think Russell Brand is my new celebrity hero. Definitely watch this full interview. The ideas Brand talks about are strikingly similar to what I’ve been thinking or reading lately. It’s exceedingly rare to find a celebrity that can talk like this. Via twitter

  • Christianity and Alcohol

    “—Christianity, alcohol, the two great means of corruption.” The Portable Nietzsche, page 652 “Every kind of faith is itself an expression of self-abnegation, of self-alienation.” The Portable Nietzsche, page 639 The analogy of Christianity to alcohol is interesting to me. The chemistry of alcohol: ethanol is a carbohydrate, the metabolism of which leads to the […]

  • Entrepreneurship Risk

    From Summation by Auren Hoffman: Entrepreneurs tend to be street-smarter than strategy consultants. Entrepreneurs are more practical, more focused on the bottom line, and more attuned to real-world contingencies. A typical strategy consultant job interview might go something like this: “I toss a coin. Heads you win $10,000. Tails you lose $6,000. Do you play […]